Thursday, September 5, 2013

1 Step to Increase Your Business

In our weekly meetings WINN asks members to write an accountability goal, one attainable item that they need to accomplish each week. Many of our members have accountability partners who check in mid week and ask how they are doing on that goal, what steps they have taken towards it... and if nothing has been done, what is preventing them from working on that goal.

Sadly, looking at the notes from all the meetings I notice a trend of the same goal being repeated week after week. Sometimes its a small things like "order business cards", or "talk to 5 new people". Why are these goals not being met? What can I do, to really direct you to focus and accomplish your goals?

The answer, funny enough, came to me while visiting a new Chapter group in Arvada, CO. During a showcase presentation Sherry, with Keller Williams shared her accountability secret. Something each new agent is presented with at Keller Williams... a book titled


 Written by the successful Gary Keller, this book breaks down the stumbling blocks of business and the circles we run ourselves in when we are not focused. It talks a lot about how Gary progressed in his own life, and the steps he took to build Keller Williams and train other agents.

The real secret? Ask yourself, "What is the ONE thing I can do, that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?"

ONE thing, ONE thing to be accountable for, focused on, and making the rest of your business function easier. 

If it is taking you 2 weeks to order business cards, a vital part of doing business. Let's ask why? What are you so busy doing that you can't find time to order cards? 

Are you spending time doing jobs that you can teach someone else to do?
Are you spending time doing jobs (such as building a website or managing social media, where farming that out would be less stressful, create more of an impact, and less of your time?

Instead of having a "to do" list of 5 things and a "I wish I could do list" of 30 things each day... Pick ONE thing. What is the ONE thing you can do that will have a direct impact on how your business runs, and grows. 

Do  ONE thing, each day.

I am challenging all the groups to refocus the weekly accountability goal, and to list ONE thing they can focus on that week to answer the question "What is the ONE thing I can do, that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?"

I personally have been doing this for the past month, and I am much more productive, focused and committed to growing my business then ever. For me, it is a simple question I ask myself each morning - I write down my answer and that is what I focus on despite all the other chaos and distractions that come my way. This one thing gets done as a priority and my business is better for it!