Monday, January 7, 2013

Fibromyalgia and Massage

If you are someone that suffers from Fibromyalgia or you know someone that does, you know how painful the aches and pains can be, and how frustrating the stiffness gets. But do you understand the dynamics of Fibromyalgia?

Within our Nervous System we have the Central Nervous System, the Peripheral Nervous System. Within the Peripheral Nervous System there are 3 Parts-enteric, somatic, and autonomic. The one that is affected my Fibromyalgia is Autonomic. Within the Automic System are another two parts: Sympathetic (Fight or Flight) and Parasympathetic ("Relax and Digest") Look at the Diagram below (you can make it larger by clicking on it).

As you can see fibromyalgia suffers never reach the point where their bodies can reach the point where the parasympathetic can take over and let the body relax -- this is the reason suffers are in constant pain.

Massage Therapy: A Big Help to Fibromyalgia Suffers
Massage therapy has become more popular with Fibromyalgia suffers, due to massage therapy reducing pain and helping eliminate the stiffness, as well as, encouraging you to take some time for yourself and relax. During a massage therapy session, your muscles and soft tissues are manipulated in order to relieve stress, reduce pain, and increase flexibility. To increase blood flow and relax the muscles hot and cold treatments can be performed, as well.

Although many studies have been performed to find out exactly why massage therapy helps fibromyalgia sufferers so much, no one has been able to pin-point the exact reason. It is theorized that massage therapy actually enhances the production of certain pain blockers, including endorphins, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These hormones work to counteract pain signals conducted by the brain, and this would explain why massage offers such dramatic pain relief.

Having regular massage therapy, combined with Hot and Cold treatments you will certainly see and feel progress with your fibromyalgia pain and lack of flexibility.

Fibromyalgia: Self Help

What can you do at home to help decrease your Fibromyalgia pain? What can you do to help push your body from sympathetic to parasympathetic?
There is not an overnight fix by any means, but the key is to get your body pushed a little over the edge so that is pushes further into the Sympathetic and to the point where the parasympathetic can take over finally.

The next time you take a shower, turn the cold water on for 5 seconds. Continue to add the 5 seconds of cold until your body is used to it (depending on the individual it could take a week or a month.) Keep adding 5 second increments until you can stand 20 seconds. You will feel a decrease of fibromyalgia pain throughout this exercise.

If you have any further questions, or would like to set up a consultation regarding fibromyalgia, please feel free to contact Kristina Streeter, LMT of STREETER, LTD.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Social Media Saturday: Hot Apps and Sites

 We did some research and found many of our members using the following apps and sites! If we missed your favorite be sure to let us know! We are always looking to stay up on the trends!

Hootsuite     Tweetdeck  These allow you to schedule your tweets but input them all at once. Freeing up your day to do other tasks knowing your social media is updated

RebelMouse: Connects your feed from FB, T, I, and others including some blog posts, it instantly updates and allows you to arrange them. Mashable called it a "digital newspaper" of your social media life. 

Wanelo: If Pinterest and your shopping list had a baby... this allows you to only post (or pin) with the where to buy information, so each time it is repinned, the pinner is given the option to purchase now, or save in the want list. This is a much safer way to share products from online shops, giving credit and sales to the creator of the product. 

Simply Measured (App)- Easy Social Media Analytic s Awesome Reports in Excel Simply Measured helps you aggregate social media data and create beautiful reports in Excel. It's reporting super powers for all!

MailChimp:  Email marketing campaign manager, upload contacts from goggle docs, Gmail accounts, Xcel docs, and many others, including offering a mailing list button you can add to your website or blog. You create your flier, newsletter or promotion, schedule and it sends and tracks the information accordingly.

This next one is HOT and NEW! Think of all the fun you could have!

Yapp Lets users create and share a semi-custom mobile app for events for free. Business and Personal events can be inserted into the themes and you can select features like an event invitation, photo gallery, news feed, etc. This was just released for Android and iPhone. Oh yea, and you CAN keep the information private and only share them with friends and clients via an unique download link.

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