Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 Tips to De-stress During your Day

We all live hectic lives, in my house its sometimes the best I can hope for to have a clean sink and a bed that's made at the end of the day. However, I do find that that alone gives me a sense of accomplishment on those days! Crazy!

So on your busy days, when nothing goes right... what do you do to "get back on track"? Can you push a mental reset button and start again to be able to refocus and get tasks and projects done for work? Most can't. However... we believe in providing solutions here at WINN so we did some polling, sent out unofficial questionnaires, researched online, and found some great tips and ideas to put the pep back in your step and change the tone of your day!

Bonus tip: Make sure your work space fits your needs, and that you have a good desk set up! A comfortable chair, or swapping to a yoga ball may create the change you need! Create a space that is yours, and fits your work and personal needs will help insure you stay on track and stay positive throughout your day!

We would love to hear YOUR tips! Leave a comment or add to our list!  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Changes to Google Reader

The blogging world is all a buzz, with the news that Google Reader is being retired due to a steady decrease in popularity.

There are many replacements for you, if you still primary use, or offer Google Reader as a choice to your blog readers.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

WINN has selected Bloglovin, even before this news came about. Although most of our readers are selecting the direct to email option, Bloglovin provides a fantastic solution for someone looking for a reader alternative. We selected it due to ...
  1. It is a popular site within the blogging community
  2. It provides easy searching for blogs, and find new blogs to you within the community.
  3. Allows you to like posts, and read popular posts.
  4. Sort your blogs according to YOUR preferences by creating folders. 
  5. It's available as an app for Iphones

Some of the other sites that we are hearing a lot about suddenly include..
  • Feedly Seeming to be a top runner for a replacement to Google Reader, it allows you to organize your favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts and Youtube channels and access them all in one place.
  • Rolio which brings you not just the RSS feed from your blogs, but feed from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook for real time updates.
  • The Old Reader which funny enough, is still in beta. It is promising to act just like Google Reader, only better.

 As with all things in the digital age, as old gets replaced with new there will be a lot of shuffling and shaking before the dust settles and everyone who was using Google Reader prior gets comfortable with new options.

As for us, regardless of  how you are viewing us, we are simply thankful that you are here with us!

Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Tips for Customer Service Solutions

We all know the story... it costs 5 times as much to bring in a new customer, than to keep an existing one. When people become your customer, they want to be loyal. So, why do they leave? Most of the time, they leave because of small oversights and lack of attention to plain, old customer service!!!
  1. It all starts with a Phone Call. When customers call on the phone, we are provided with a tremendous opportunity to reinforce and grow the relationship. It makes good (economic) sense to take the extra time and effort to make these calls as meaningful and service oriented as possible. Attention to customer service will go a long way in helping you to satisfy your customers and make them feel as if they are truly special. Be friendly. Warm. Informative. 
  2. Have a CAN DO attitude. Don't begin your conversation by telling them what you CAN'T do. If you can’t say yes… find a new way to say no… studies show when you use the word no, people stop listening… so instead say,  “I might not have that in stock, but I DO have….”
  3. Vent it out. Allow upset clients to vent. Do not interrupt them or start to speak until they have finished having their say. I have found in most cases when someone is really upset, it doesn't have anything to do with you, your product, or your overall service. It is just the last straw in a bad line of events. By allowing them to vent you give them a much needed outlet and allow them to get to a place of reason much faster!
  4. Listen attentively! There is nothing worse than asking an irate or troubled customer to REPEAT what they have just said. Or worse, not commenting appropriately to their concerns because you are distracted!
  5. Diffuse anger by saying "I'm sorry or "I apologize." FIRST! 
  6. Understand the REAL issue. Then make sure you understand the issue. Just like with fights with your spouse they may have hit several sore points… but only have one MAJOR issue…ask them… “what I hear you saying is, your upsets because…. Is that correct?”  The old adage of the "client always being right" may or may not be true, the truth is.. it doesn't matter. Assigning blame either to the client or to yourself or team members, or outside vendors doesn't SOLVE anything! Address the issue, and only the issue. No excuses and No blame.
  7.  Remove YOUR anger and emotion from the situation. Remember, as personal as someone attacks you – they just want the problem fixed and it really isn’t about YOU… YOU can be the hero by not returning the anger and emotion but by remaining calm and speaking softly and slowly to calm the situation. Make certain that your tone of voice is in sync with your words. Remember, your tone of voice can completely contradict your message. Just as much as your tone of voice… your choice of words can escalate or comfort. Try  this out next time your in an argument or trying to resolve an issue.
    -FFF: Feel Felt Found
    I understand how you FEEL.I have often FELT that way myself. But what I have FOUND, is when I (insert your calming statement here.. such as when I use a microfiber cloth, rather then a regular cloth to clean my glasses they don’t scratch as easily” 
  8. Resolution: Put it in their hands: Ask them what you can do to make it right… many times people stumble when you do and it shows them you really care about them, from there they are usually more inclined to work with you towards a solution. I have found most people don't want refunds or free product if somethings late, or wrong maybe a refund on the shipping fees or a discount towards a future purchase... but if they are the ones to decided what to get or at least involved in the process, perhaps by giving them 2 or 3 choices they see that your willing to help! That goes a long way in recovering the client! Many times they just want you to Think outside the box for a solution… is the issue that they cant come back to you to pick up a replacement product… how about you take it to them? Can you deliver it to the party they are late for? Make certain that your"solution" to the customer's problem is acceptable to them. Get their approval and agreement. 
  9.  Thank you.  Depending on the situation it may not be well received at the initial contact, but you should thank them for bringing the issue to you, and working with you to find a solution. Promise to work harder in the future so that this doesn't happen again, to them or anyone else (and then DO THAT) and be sincere when you are thanking them! Many customers would be happy in silence and then just not do business with you again rather then confront the issue with you. 
  10. FOLLOW UP. After all is said and done, follow up after a few weeks. Make sure that they are in deed happy with the resolution, ask if there is anything else you can do in the future to insure their business and let them know how important their business is to you! Taking this time, not to sell them more, but to reach out and express your regret again, and unprompted and to thank them again for coming to you, and to express how much they mean to you as a client will really be going above the bar. In today's social world I have found that people want personal attention and yet don't expect such. So when it does happen they really appreciate it and become excellent clients. 

Bonus tip: In  today's world of customer service, social media is changing how we interact with clients. People may not go to a storefront or call the store owner or manager on the phone. You may not know there is an issue until you see it on Facebook or Twitter... Yikes! You must remember when that happens - don't respond by defending actions or making it a public conversation. Pick up a phone and CALL your client! Let them know you just saw the status and you want more information so you can make it right for them! Never... NEVER vent about a client online, names or not, that can be devastating to your business! Not only would you lose trust and respect from that client, and possibly their friends, but potentially others who believe if you could say that about one, you won't hesitate to say it about them as well! 

I find two rules are golden when addressing client relations and social media as a whole
1. How would I expect to be treated? This is how I will treat my clients.
2. If I can't say something nice, I wont say anything at all.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are you using FB wrong?

Welcome to Social Media Saturday!
Did you know most brands are using Facebook wrong!?

I myself wouldn't have guessed what the  Buddy Media’s study “Strategies for Effective Wall Posts: A Timeline Analysis,” would have to say about WHEN to market.

After doing a facebook consultation with a member this week I relised that it had been a while since I looked at the current trends regarding this topic so I set to the internet to give me some answers! Here is what I learned!

We all know WHEN you post, effects the number of people you reach, and it can make a big difference in the response you get from your online community. The Buddy Media's study that looked at this last year (most current study I could find) used data collected from 1,800 of the largest brand pages on social media to tell us...

WEEKENDS are the best time to connect!
 That's right, bust out the hootsuite and tweetdeck if you plan on enjoying the weekend with your family so your not missing out on the prime time to reach people online! "Advertising and consulting content during the weekends receives 69 percent more interaction although brands typically only post about 11 percent of these types of posts on Saturday and Sunday."

Where most large companies focus their social media time, this study found that "During Wednesday, users interact at lower rates than on other days of the week. On average, they will only share, comment or like your posts at 7.4 percent below the average interaction rate for the whole week."

The study also pointed out that many marketers make the mistake of posting too much at night. Where research shows that users interact more to contect posted between 8am and 7pm. For better or worse the Buddy Media report suggests that people are more likely to use social media when they are at work!


Twitter has a 140-character limit, however Buddy Media suggests a self-imposed 80-character wall for Facebook posts. Such posts get a 23% higher interaction than longer posts. However, 75% of posts are beyond that limit. It's also a good idea to run photos — photo posts get 39% higher interaction rates than average. Text-only posts aren't a bad option either, though: They get a 12% higher-than-average rate. Video and link posts appear to be the worst option: They have lower-than-average interaction rates.

Our Recommendations:
Focus on weekend posts, but don't forget about posting during business hours within the week. Utilize SHORT and simple interactions, add GOOD photography or graphics. Drop the video and additional links for a text only option instead!

Also, I found these suggestions on the FANTASTIC Mashable.com:
  • Use links with a recognizable URL, like "www.shop.com/umbrellas" where users have an idea of what to expect.
  • Asking a question is a good idea, but ask it at the end of your comment, not at the beginning. Posts with a question at the end have a 15% higher overall interaction rate and a 2X higher comment rate than those with a question asked in the middle of the post.
  • Ask fans to caption a picture. Posts that ask readers to "caption this" get 5.5X higher comment rates than average. Such posts also increase the overall interaction rate by more than 100%.
  • "Fill in the blank" is another good option. Such posts garner 4X more comments than average.
  • Use emoticons: Posts that contain emoticons receive 52% higher interaction rates. Posts that employ them have a 57% higher like rate,a 33% higher comment rate and 33% higher share rate.
  • The best emoticons to use: ":D" and ":P." Such emoticons have a 2.4X and 2X higher response rate, respectively than other emoticons.
  • Use a call to action. Posts with commands like "Like," "Caption This," "Share," "Yes or No" and "True or False" get interaction rates that are 48% higher than average.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Site News 3.4.13

I continue to grow in my excitement as our features get added and setup on our new website!

Please take a moment to view the "Spotlight Members" and the "Sponsors" Advertisements on the bottom of the rightmost column.

Our "Spotlight Member" ads are FREE to our members and randomly display 3 at a time. These ad spots run for 365 days to coincide with your chapter membership. The ad link showcases your business and links back to a website or social media tab where potential clients can contact you directly. This is a $150 Value.

Our Sponsor Ads are for Online members who would like to sponsor our page this is a great value to reach like minded women in business and grow with our community! Again currently we are randomly displaying these spots 3 at a time, and they are available for 30 days. Plus, Chapter Members who have a special promotion to promote can take advantage of 4 additional Sponsor ads for free in the 1 year span. Simply contact WINN for a current free code.

As always updates to Chapter Member Ads and redesign services are free, simply contact WINN for assistance and we will be happy to assist you with those updates.