Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Must Have Apps

I have never been a big "app" person, however I find myself really impressed with the different options that are out there. I've put together my top five app's that I feel every woman should have. Most of them are free, some of them have a fee... however, I selected these over other free options for a reason!

1. App Lock 

Rated at 4.5 
Description: App Protector (App Lock) is one of the best app lock tools which could protect your privacy. It can lock Contacts, SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls and any other apps with password or pattern lock.

With this app, you don't have to worry about your private information on your phone to be exposed to other people, you don't have to worry about your kids messing your phone up by changing the settings.

I have a full lock on my phone, so if I loose it no one can access my email and by default client information. I find it annoying to have to unlock every 2 minutes in order to check an email or text message. By utilizing this app I can lock everything down, or add additional protection to things like my email, kindle or other things that I want extra security on. 

2. ICE: In case of emergency

Rating 4.4  (Cost 3.99)

DescriptionStores important information for first responders and hospital staff to use in case of an emergency involving you:
+ A list of people to call -- can call directly from the app
+ Insurance information
+ Doctor names and numbers -- can call directly from the app
+ Allergies
+ Medical Conditions
+ Medications
+ Any special instructions or other information you wish to provide


This I haven't tried yet, however since I do have allergies to some medications and don't wear an alert bracelet this seems like a solid option. It would also give me a place to list an emergency contact or list who to contact if I was unable to pick my child up from school. 

3. Lookout 

(Free trail / then its a service fee based on how many phones your covering.)
Lookout Security & Antivirus FREE Features:
• App Scanning: Continuous, over-the-air protection from viruses, malware, adware and spyware
• Locate & Scream: Map the location of your device and make it sound an alarm - even when it is on silent!
• Signal Flare: Automatically save your phone's location when the battery is low
• Lock Cam: Get an email with the picture and location of whoever incorrectly enters the passcode multiple times in a row.
• Contact Backup: Save a copy of your Google contacts
• Download your contacts to your computer so you can transfer them to an existing phone or tablet.

Lookout Security & Antivirus Premium Features:

►Safe Browsing: Block dangerous URLs
►Privacy Advisor: See what personal information can be accessed by your apps
►Lock & Wipe: Remotely lock your device, post a custom message and erase your data
►Other Premium features: photo & call history backup, Premium tech support

I know that is a lot of information - but i LOVE this app! I use it all the time to locate my phone that tends to have a dead battery every time I need it. My husband even used it one day when he came home from work and couldn't find me, since my car was in the driveway. I had walked my child to school and stayed to volunteer... and my phone died. Since it gave him the last known location he called the school and was able to verify that I was still there and safe. 
It provides one more level of security in the lockout wipe options... and is one of the few antivirus plans I have seen - I tell you it is TOTALLY worth the yearly fee we pay ($30 for 2 phones) 

4. Lifeline

Rating 4.1 ($16.99 )

1) When an individual wants to take control of their safety or finds him/herself entering an unsafe situation, LifeLine’s monitoring system is activated by holding a finger on the screen. In case of real danger, patent-pending Intelli-Touch Technology then uses a person’s natural response of removing the finger from the screen, to activate the Distress Alert when provoked by the unexpected.
2) When the Distress Alert is activated and not disarmed within 20 seconds, the Response Verification Center will call the user back and verify there is a real emergency. GPS will then be used to track the user’s location and provide local first responders with this real time data if needed.
3) If an emergency is verified by the Response Verification Center, LifeLines will receive a text message and email with the same critical information provided to emergency personnel to help facilitate redundant layers of protection.

Having been the victim of a gun crime, I can tell you had I had this app I would have used it. 100% it would have been a safe option for the situation I was in where making a call wouldn't have been. It's discreet and unlike other free or less pricey options it works with a single push like a panic button should. The thumb mode is a great option for when your going into the bank or pumping gas in a neighborhood that your unfamiliar with, or waiting outside to meet friends... or even walking the dog. 

5. ListNote Speech/Text Notepad

Rating 4.3

Description:Take notes even when you don't feel like typing! Just speak your note, and it will be saved as text. This notepad app was designed to quickly jot down your ideas, with minimal hassle. And it makes it easy to keep those ideas organized.

** Quick and easy note taking with speech to text. Your voice is "recorded" as text. Does not function as an actual voice recorder though.
* You can create a to do list, also refered to as a ToDo list, or 2do list. Similar to list maker apps such as anydo (any.do) or mobislenotes, but with voice recognition as a more integral part.
* Task list. Like other free notepad apps such as wunderlist, astrid, or gtd, but with speech recognition playing a more prominent role.
* Shopping list. Great when you want to quickly write down something you'll need at the grocery store.
* Notebook organized with color tabs. You can make a color note tab by long-pressing a note and selecting "Change Tab Color".
* Simple notetaking. Many people prefer a notepad app that doesn't require you to make an account and upload all your notes to a server like Evernote or Springpad. There is no account necessary with ListNote. All your notes are stored on your own device.
* Dictation software. You can transcribe your thoughts quickly and easily. You can then edit the result like you would with any text pad or scratch pad. When you're editing the notes with the textpad, you can insert speech anywhere in the text, and even undo the last speech input if it didn't turn out right.
* Memo pad. Works great as a memo app, much like others such as inkpad, mobisle, and catch, but with a different feature set.
* Secure notes. You can create safe notes that are private. These private notes are locked with password protection. When you lock a note it's an easy way to encrypt text from prying eyes.

I might be in love with this! I never... and I mean... never have a pen around when I need one... and I am often driving when I am thinking the most... making groceylists in my head or making a to do list for the business... now I can do it hands free and have it emailed to me - or just go back to it later!