Monday, August 11, 2014

Thank You's with Style

Service is King, or in this case Queen. 

We all know this as business professionals we strive to excel in our clients eyes. We also look to be treated better than average and really take note of someone who goes above and beyond. You're likely not surprised to hear that great customer service really boils down to taking care of clients, and providing them with an experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

Even offering stellar service, sometimes doesn't make you stand out from the crowd. 
So how in today's marketplace do you make your mark?
Our Denver North group had a fantastic training session about just this subject with Anna, owner of Chloe's Closet

Anna was sweet enough to share this fantastic list of idea's with us on unique ways to extend your thanks to your clients! Sometimes, it's not the product or service you provide that will set you apart - but your appreciation for the business your client has given you!
It's that little extra that will keep them coming back for more!

1. Add Labels Heritage Makers offers printable labels that are perfect for adding around a sucker or chap-stick tube to say thank you or promote your business at large events! This Promotional idea - would work perfect as a thank you as well!
For more promotional ideas visit the INDIE A-LIST

2. Create your Own Scratch tickets Add a discount or special note to your clients order! Here's an instructional video I found to show you how!

3. Gift a Trusted Vendor List! Give a binder or a key ring of business cards to your clients. If they are new to a neighborhood be sure to include some local hotspots for delivery! (Great for Real Estate Agents!)

4. Themed Gift Basket: Create a small gift basket with a theme - Spa, Movie, Garden... Put together something small that expresses a life event or conversation you've had with them for the extra personal touch!
5. Be Personal. Hand write out a note. It's so much fun to receive "real" mail, or to know that someone took the time in this digital age to express their thanks!
BONUS TIP. Adding a Sweet to a package or purchase is a sure fire way to express your thanks! Totsie rolls or small bags of Jelly Beans kept me with a vendor long past the time when price should have deterred me. Opening that box when I recieved an order was always the highlight of my day!

Anna found someone taking it a step further!  

The blog: The Dating Diva's
Has 7 pages of amazing FREE printables you can use to create your own Sweet Notes!
Here are a few examples! Be sure to head over there and pick up your printables!
  • You are a LIFESAVER! Thank you!
  • You are such a SWEETART!  Thank you!
  • You always come through in a CRUNCH.  Thank you!
  • I MINT to tell you how much I appreciate you!
  • Thanks for giving me a hand.  You’re worth more than 100 GRAND!
  • Thanks for all the fun and SNICKERS,we had a great time!
Have a few out of the box ideas? We would love to hear about them!

Meet Anna! 

Anna is a native to Colorado and lives in Denver with her husband and 3 children. Before starting her bowtique, she taught 5th grade and kindergarten for 8 years. Anna decided to try the stay at home hat and is loving it but also wanted to be do something she loves from home. That's where Chloe's Closet was born. She loved being able to dress up a little girl after having 2 boys. Anna's been able to create and find adorable boutique items for an affordable price. Chloe's Closet has been a dream job for Anna allowing her to be at home with her cuties but also being able to have a creative side and create and find adorable outfits and accessories.