1 on 1

One on One meetings exist for you to engage a perspective client, and to exchange ideas and information with others with in your Chapter. WINN tracks these meetings to know who is learning and meeting with others and spending time cultivating these relationships in a "non sales" environment. 

While each week WINN showcases a new business professional in our meetings, and you learn more about that person, products and services. This cannot be the only information that you are armed with when you present them to your friends and family.  Personal experience, and testimonials not only about a product, but the professional offering them, goes a long way in creating excitement about a product or service. 

While our list below focuses on a meeting between two professionals. Remember these points when meeting with referrals as well. They will be impressed that you are interested in them, and not just their money.

The ONE on ONE.

  1. Relax. Schedule a time out of the office, tell them you want to learn more about their business and them personally! This is not an opportunity to sell them your business, it’s a chance to learn and develop a relationship. If you are meeting with a perspective client or a referral, you can still present your business without the "salesperson" edge.
  2. Learn all you can. Read the literature they offer you, don’t just dismiss it! Listen to concerns, stories and personal experiences.
  3. Visit their website. Read and become familiarized with what they do.
  4. Subscribe to their newsletters, Twitter, or FB. Get informed and stay on top of their current events.
  5. Offer to submit content for their newsletter or blog. You might be surprised to learn they don't mind including other material in their newsletter as long as it's relevant to their audience.
  6. Become a client. If they offer something that you are interested in, by all means buy something from them. They will appreciate your support and look for ways to help you even more.
  7. Visit their place of business. You may not be in need of all the services of all the members, but that does not mean you can’t visit. Schedule a time for a tour!
  8. Put your hands on product. Ask if they have samples, you can use, or look at! This is a great way to see the quality of items (especially hand made products!)
  9. Develop a relationship. Know that you can call, or email if a contact has a question that you are unable to answer!  
  10. Know/Share the basics. What makes them, the product, or business unique. Who is the target audience, what is the current promotion or product they are focusing on. 
Strategic Power Partners: Find a business or several within your chapter who are similar to yours, perhaps ones that share similar types of clients. Then begin to do some work together, joint projects, or events. Maybe they can offer free samples of your products, and vice versa for some cross-promotions.