About us

What is WINN?

WINN (Women in Networking National) is a group of woman in business who are committed to help each other reach goals, gain exposure, promote and support each other in all aspects of life and business. We prefer to form connections in order to be able to offer more solid referrals and advice, rather then allow only sales promotion and spam. We share our trails, and successes along with knowledge and contacts to create a solid core of support and growth.

WINN offers local chapter groups that meet weekly. These groups are referral based and also focus on education, support and accountability. Chapters are limited to one person per profession in order to create a non-compete environment and to insure there is no conflict with referrals within the group.

Anyone may take advantage of the online website, and discussions. However, our WINN members (often called WINN-ers) receive additional support and benefits.  Memberships cost $75 annually and are usually tied to a local or virtual chapter. 

 We work to create a solid network and community of women in business. To that end, we place a strong emphasis on our Code of Conduct. In addition to that code, you will find our Goals and Ethics below. 

Code of Conduct:
  • WINN places a strong emphasis on good morals and values.
  • We expect you to conduct yourself in a polite and helpful manner while attending meetings and representing us.
  • We also expect you to uphold a higher standard of service when dealing with clients and conducting your own business.
  • By becoming a member you agree to provide the quality of services at the prices you quote, and to be honest with other members and any referrals given to you.
  • WINN expects you to follow up with referrals, be courteous and kind to them, just as you would like others to treat you, your clients, your family, and your friends.
  • We expect you to be positive and supportive of the other women, not only in your chapter but also throughout the WINN network.
WINN Goals and Ethics:
  • To bring women in business together in a positive and supportive setting
  • To promote the businesses of our Local Chapters, Virtual Chapters and Site members
  • For Chapter Members to promote each other first
  • Create a tight knit group, form friendships and become each other’s best salesperson
  • Provide assistance, and overcome obstacles in the business world
  • To link women across the city, state and country with each other