This is a standard agenda each WINN chapter follows. While some meetings accomplish this is a timely one hour, others may stretch to 90 minutes, depending on amount of guests and members in attendance. 

Open Networking: 
Meeting called  to order, everyone is asked to take seats.
Chapter announcements are made
60 second introductions and current specials are shared.
Introduction of  the Showcase business
Showcase and Q and A

1.        Referrals and leads cards passed
2.        1 on 1 
3.        Money received as direct result of WINN contact
4.     Accountability Goals set and reviewed. 

Round Table Discussion, Hot Topic, or Additional Training
Close of Meeting

We encourage our members to showcase their business, new products and services often. We set a time during the Showcase for one member to be the focus, so that members can get a detailed and in depth view of the business.

During established chapter meetings, members are encouraged to not only train the group on their newest business products, services, or promotions, but to share with them a tool, book, or other knowlage that they are comfortable training the group to use. We have found that everyone has a strong suit in business and that by offering additional training times everyone in the chapter benefits.