"Success in business does not depend on what you say, what you hear, what you feel, what you see. It depends on what you do." Unknown

Chapter Attendance

  • We do take attendance at meetings. 
  • Members are allowed 6 unexcused absences during the 1 year membership
  • An unexcused absence is defined as an absences that was not covered by a substitute, or caused by a traumatic event.
  • Substitutes can be additional business partners, within your business or contacts who have their own business, as long as there is no conflict with another member. 
  • WINN encourages you to have a planned backup on-call for sick days, and to plan ahead for vacations.
  • WINN provides a contact list for each group that is available online or by request to each member. Subs can be found from other WINN members from outside your group or on the SUB page of the contact list. 


  • WINN does have a holiday schedule. 
  • We do not take attendance, and sometimes do not host a meetings on certain weeks due to  major holidays.
Please check with your Chapter Lead if you need to know your chapters Holiday schedule, since the day of your meeting is a deciding factor in the schedule. 

Inclimate Weather / Other Meeting Cancellations
  • A meeting may be canceled due to poor weather conditions. 
  • As a general rule - if the elementary school in your area is closed due to weather your absence will be excused.
  • If the elementary school in the area of your meeting is closed the meeting will be canceled.  
  • The chapter lead / assistant for each group will notify members either by private FB page notification, text, or email. (Notifications are chosen by group majority vote from each chapter group)