Get the most out of Online Networking

1. Participate. You can not have an “online presence or effectively use any of the other tips I give you if you don’t participate on a regular basis.

2. Share. Tell people about you, what’s your story? What set’s you apart? Become more then a business identity online, become a person that people want to do business with.

3. Build Relationships. If you feel a connection to someone, send private messages, add them to your friends list, and comment on their posts, activities, blogs, and websites! 

4. Promote appropriately. Keep your promotions simple, and in the promotions area of websites, dedicated to online networking.Check rules of the site, and follow them.

5.Connect. Tell people why you want to connect with them, what about them or their business interests you! Get to know someone else, rather then pushing your business on them.

6. Give Time.  It takes time to connect, and build relationships in life, don’t expect your time online to be any different, in fact expect it to take longer.

7.Be Respectful. When someone shares a personal story, or asks for advice, offer assistance, not judgment.
8. Be yourself. Women can sense insincerity even on forums! Don’t create a persona. Remember that people do business with people they trust. You have to be you in order for people to get to know you.

9. Private vs. Public.  Use your judgment on what is appropriate to post publicly and what needs to be sent privately. Remember you can't take back what you put out on the web.

10.  Personal Connections. When ever possible, meet people face to face, or have voice or video conversations to learn more about them and their business.

Bonus tip:
Use SPELL CHECK. Spell check is a blessing; if you mistype, or misspell it will be a useful tool to assist you in getting your point across. 

Get the most out of your Chapter Group

1. Shop and learn first. Studies show women are more likely to refer a friend and family member to someone once they have "experienced" the product, or service - you cant recommend what you don’t know!

2. Give and you will receive. We call this the Karma factor, the more you refer to someone else, the more they will go out of their way to return the favor.

3. Show up. When you show up late and/or infrequently,  the perception you send becomes that you only care about receiving, you don’t care about learning about others or giving to them. You can’t give referrals if your not there - and you wont get any either. 

4. Ask for it. If we don't know what your needs are, or WHO your best referrals are, how can we help you! Ask for specific needs to be filled. 

5. Be prepared. Always bring a notepad and business cards! Samples of new products, or fliers for promotions are fantastic to pass around as well!

6. Be present. Don’t be distracted with emails, or your phone during the meeting. Focus your attention on the group, and speaker. They will return the favor!

7. One to One: Don’t discount the need to meet personally. Members can use google+ and chat anytime on a one to one basis and learn more about each other! Local Chapter members should visit the business location, or meet face to face to learn more about each other. One to One meetings, or face-to-face meetings are not sells opportunities. You wouldn't like it if they pushed their products on you, return the favor. 

8. Do not expect. Don’t expect to receive a flood of referrals when you join a group. In fact, don’t expect to get anything with out giving first! It takes time to build relationships and trust. 

9. Give quality. Quality referrals, leads, quality service, quality products... quality in all we do.

10. Confirm a referral.  Make sure the person whose name you are passing along, knows to expect a call or email! Ask them which way they would like to be contacted! Nothing is worse then calling a potential client who wasn't expecting it - it puts that business professional in an awkward position, it sheds a poor light on you, AND it could sour the relationship you have with the client or friend.
If a client is not comfortable with their information being passed out, give the client the control! Let them contact the other business professional. Or, arrange a meeting between your contact and your group member, and make the introduction in person. Some people are just better getting to know someone you present! Everyone should put sales on the back burner and connect with the person, in this circumstance. 

11. FOLLOW UP! Treat every referral, like gold! Follow up right away! Treat that client amazing! It takes time to build relationships with your chapter members, once you do, don’t let it spoil by not following up, or abusing the contact!

12. Commit.  The more your not there, online or in your group, the more money, friends and support you are leaving on the table!