The Right Fit

Is WINN right for you?

  1. WINN members work together to promote and grow your business
  2. WINN members are supportive and share knowlage
  3. WINN chapters are kid friendly
  4. WINN members shop each other first

Are you right for a WINN Chapter Group?

  1. WINN does require a weekly commitment
  2. WINN expects you to be ethical, professional, and experienced in your line of work.
  3. WINN expects you to be supportive personally and professional of other members.
  4. WINN looks for dedicated, passionate and committed to growing your business.
  5. WINN expects you to share business and personal contacts as referrals to others

To avoid conflict of interest, each chapter accepts only one representative in any given business category. This is called "lock out" and is part of what your membership guarentees.