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About our Chapter Groups:

All Chapter Groups are non-compete. 

  • Each chapter is allowed no more then one person from any type of profession. 
  • Membership Fee is $75.  
  • We offer weekly meetings. 
  • Same time same place each week to make it easy to plan and schedule.
  • WINN is a referral/ accountability group with a focus on learning and connecting as business owners. 
  • Each week  different member will showcase her business, or business skills to better the knowledge of the group.
  • Members will be asked for updates and new accountability goals weekly.
  • Additionally we offer Group Discussions, Guest Speakers, and other support provided by members and WINN.

To Join a Chapter:

  • Contact us to visit the chapter group you are interested in. 
  • Complete Application and Interview Process
  • Pay Yearly Fee and attend your meetings!

To Become a Part of our Online Community:

  • WINN welcomes all women in business to our community. 
  • We ask that you share your knowledge, and support others.
WINN is always looking for web contributes. If you would like to contribute to our information page please email us with your topic and basic information. We would love to talk to you about the opportunity.