Defining a Referral

We expect our members to provide quality over quantity when it comes to referrals. When passing along a referral within WINN we define it as: 
  • A person who you know personally or professionally
  • You have qualified as needing a service provided by your WINN member
  • You have spoken to them in advance, and let them know to be expecting a call from your WINN member
  • They are ready, willing to do business and expecting the call.

Cultivating Referrals

  • Identify your ideal client. Create a list of types of people, or businesses who fit your needs.
  •  Create and communicate your core referral message. This must be easily understood and explained by anyone. Who are you, and what are your needs.
  • Share Why: Why choose you, what sets you apart? 
  • Promotions. Offer seasonal, or limited time offers to place an immediate need to do business with you now.  

Develop a Referral Plan

  • Set your business apart with a frequent  buyer program
  • Offer a referral bonus for those providing you with new business
  • Design a referral education system. Include who makes a great referral, what is in it for them to provide a referral and how to best refer you. 
  • Share your plan. Write it down so members can reference back to it.

Contacting a Referral 

  • Be prompt. Try to contact them the same day you receive the referral.
  • Be respectful. We are all busy, ask if it is a good time, or schedule a time to talk.
  • Confirm needs. Verify your services, or products are what the client needs.
  • Treat like GOLD. Give the best service you can. Not only is this good customer service, but you want them to refer your business... and you want to receive MORE referrals from the person who sent you to this one! The best way to guarantee this is by providing top notch care, just like you would expect others to treat your friends and family.
  • Thank You. Don't forget to thank the client, and the person who referred you to them.