Start a New Chapter

Interested in Starting a New Chapter in Your Area?

While we are always looking to expand, we believe in expanding smart not fast.
To that end, we have developed a system to make sure we have the right people in charge, and that our processes, values, ideas and interests are being represented in an appropriate way.

We look for strong leaders, that are motivated and committed, not just to WINN, but to the community, and the support of other women. In addition, the ideal Lead person would be an active member of our community, participate in online chats, or other discussions, and have a deep understanding of WINN policy, procedures and flow of the meetings.

Where to start:

This is the basic process for starting your own chapter. There are some differences or details that may apply to your specific area or location. Please understand somethings are handled on a case by case basis, and this is only an overview of the process. For more details you may contact us here.

1. Join an existing chapter or online group.
2. Be an active member online or within your group or chapter
3. Request the "Chapter rules and guidelines" booklet
4. Apply for  "Chapter Lead" 
5. Interview, and be accepted to qualify for a Chapter Lead.
6. Receive approval for suggested new chapter area from WINN.
7. Have no less then 5 women who have committed to attend your new chapter, Commitment is shown by following this site, and submitting an application. Or, five women who are already virtual members living in your proposed new chapter area, who have expressed interest to us. Or, any combination of the two.
8. Receive approval for proposed location and time slot.
9. Begin your meetings!